I believe many artists use both digital painting and traditional painting for study purpose, me too. So, what is the difference between the two? I started leaning art when i was kids, using both watercolors on papers and oil paintings on canvas. It is hard to master different mediums. Mastering canvas painting is really tough, costly as well as mind-numbing.  As far as we know, oil painting is actually the process of using paint, pigment, color or perhaps some other medium to a surface. The utility of the medium is generally put on the base along with a brush yet different materials could be applied. However, Digital painting is different, it is definitely an growing art style use traditional painting’s methods through tools like computer, Ipad and also software. Recently, I’m very interested in digital painting, which seems help me make artworks more simple, fast and also pretty convenient, because of Undo / Redo instructions together with many effects which i am not possible to make it in traditional painting. Moreover, i can make digital artworks almost everywhere if i can have a computer or ipad with me. There are also lots of choice of colors to select. Traditional paintings however, it would depends on your available sources. Many people may think digital painting is quite simple, just work on some buttons or use software to create a masterpiece in a couple of miniatures.  A digital artist need to maintain full understandings of art and skills to make an ideal artwork.

Subsequently, each and every traditional artwork is extremely outstanding certainly. The piece of art will become invaluable no matter when the painter has thoughts and even skills really distinctive and unique among different artists. For example old masters like Vincent van Gogh or Claude Monet in approach to impressionism. Picasso or Kandinsky in approach to abstract and many other famous painters. As a matter of fact, the process of of creating artwork between traditional painting and digital painting is very identical. The biggest difference is that Traditional painting usually start from sketch which demands precision, techniques, time period as well as persistence. Due to the fact traditional art involves the art supplies together with brushes and many other tools for painter to find out the best way to make use of it properly to do attractive artwork.  On the other hand, the process of creating digital art is similar except the materials, tools and the way the painting will be painted. Digital art making use of a pc or laptop or maybe other systems and software, artist can design various works of art by numerous designs as well as method. The completed item of Traditional art is is usually viewed hanged in a lot of art galleries and even museums. People can actually reach the artwork’s colors and paints. In contrast, digital art usually are printed from software on canvas, posters which is pretty easy to share or reproduce. Many of our artists also design their multiple canvas wall art on computer and painted them on canvas. According to them, it is would be easy to express their idea or concept via computer rather than directly working on canvas. There are still a large number of artists choose the traditional way but several of the modern day designers have a preference for the digital method.  They work both well and have their very own advantages and disadvantages which based on how the artist use it.

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