I have for the most part been self educated, with the exception of obtaining a visual arts diploma from Centennial College, and 2 years in the Fine Arts program at York University.

In a slightly different discipline I have an Architectural Technologist Certificate, from Ryerson Polytechnical University.

As far as being a serious Artist, I don’t remember not painting with the knowledge that this was my life, and would continue to pursue a creative path over and above any other distraction to come my way.

My explorations as an Artist have lead me to determine that style is a trap of limitations. Change & reinvention lead to resolution. The path of human life does not have to be limited by external expectations but can be as self determined, and varied as any individual wants it to be, and still maintain, focus and purpose.

Every inspiration I have had has allowed me a look at my creative path differently, and I have interpreted it in the visual language that gives clarity to my vision. Artistic movements that have had an impact on my life include; The Bauhaus, Constructivism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, & Les Automatistes.

For several years I have exhibited extensively in the Toronto area, but technology has given me access to the world. Experiencing the art scene of New York City, and more recently Beijing has opened my mind to virtually endless possibilities.