Forty years it’s been since we opened up to a space open up in a galaxy far far away and it immediately became a huge which led to a series of sequels and prequels and television series and so on and though the first three movies we’re in dominant-strategy the next prequel trilogy was this point quiet discipline and then the Gebo team with the force awakens which is sort of kinetic and then it was followed by goth, one which is quite blunt and now we have the last did I coming up at the end of this year which is kept all of us fans quite excited, because the trailer has been really promising today is main force on the tower thing and I have to be broke my creative side to make something dedicated to this blockbuster field, so now I take you to the tutorial of how to make this kick-ass canvas painted.

Before we get to the tutorial a quick reminder to click on that subscribe button if you haven’t done so already. Nowadays the first thing that we need to do is code the canvas completely with black beans, you can use a normal brush if you have only that but sponges or form brushes are the best producing accurate paint on canvas note that you need to paint the edges of the canvas too, otherwise it may look unfinished now take the printout and keep one OHP sheet on top of it and then use the masking tape to secure them both in place use the permanent marker to trace the image onto the OHP sheet, use the smaller marker if you have it as it would make it more precise, but I didn’t have and so I had to make do with this now take off the masking tape and check if your trace stencil has come out we’ll start cutting through the drawn lines using a sharp cutter or an exacto knife.

I’m stressing on sharp as the stencil won’t end of being neat, otherwise don’t rush while you cut through the sheet as that might cause the whole design to go wrong, so be patient and take your time, so likewise I’ve made the stencil for the quotes as well now place both the stencils onto the canvas and stick it in place using the masking tape now we can use the white paint to form the silhouette, now use the foam brush to dab the white paint onto the cutout always gently dab the paint when using a stencil instead of using the brushing motion it helps to prevent bleeding of the paint, in case your first coat does not seem enough apply a second coat as well again gently once the paint is completely dry start taking off the stencil slowly and there you have you can the same thing.

It seems like some bleeding has occurred, but I can manage that by using black paint to correct them out remember to use a thin brush so that you don’t make any more mistakes yay it done with a painting and it looks absolutely kick-ass so hope you guys enjoy learning how to make this easy DIY canvas art and you can make it with any character of the quotes that you want I obviously chose this because this was dedicated to the Stowers day if you did enjoy it, you can buy star wars wall art at